The Friends of the Library

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(most of which had been donated by the Friends of the Library)

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY...please stop by our Book Store & fill a grocery bag full of books for only $5!

If you use the Tinley Park Public Library, you're already a friend.  Why not make it official by joining the Friends of the Library?  The Friends are a volunteer organization of well over 100 members and growing. The Friends help the library in countless ways by conducting fundraisers which supporting special events and library programs, as well as the purchasing of library furnishings and artwork. Members organize and maintain the Friends Book Store just inside the entrance to the library. They also raise money through the sale of candy bars, book bags, and other items. No matter what skills and experiences you bring to the group, the Friends can use your help!  

Proceeds from the Friends of the Library have been used toward the purchase of additional artwork, supplemental adult and youth programming, security cameras, benches for outdoor seating, an electronic marquee at the driveway entrance, sun shades on the west windows in Youth Services, and new shelving & interior signage.

To join the Friends of the Library, visit the Checkout Desk to obtain a copy of the membership form. You may also print a Friends of the Library membership form and mail the completed form with a check to:
The Friends of the Tinley Park Public Library
7851 Timber Drive
Tinley Park, Illinois  60477

Visit the Friends Book Store!
Hardcovers $2.00
Mass Market Paperbacks $0.50
Trade Paperbacks $1.00
Children's Books $0.25
Magazines $0.10
Videotapes $1.00
Cassettes (music) $0.25
Library discards 1/2 off above listed price!