eRead Illinois Instructions

eRead Illinois is an online collection of digital books, shared by nearly 150 libraries in northern Illinois. You can download these eBooks to computers and to most mobile devices. You can checkout a maximum of three eBooks at a time for a two-week loan period.

Note: In addition to eRead Illinois, you may also borrow eBooks from another service called Media on Demand. Learn more about Media on Demand at the Adult Reference desk.

  1. From the Tinley Park Public Library homepage, click on the button marked “Downloads & Ebooks,” and then click on the eRead Illinois button. (You will see the “Magic Wall” display of ebook covers.)
  2. Click on the button labeled “App Zone” (on a computer, it will be located at the top of the page, but on a mobile device, it will be located on the bottom).
  3. Follow the directions (see below) under the heading “Working with Different Devices.” These instructions show you how to download the software needed to checkout and download eBooks to each kind of device or computer. Once your device (or computer) is ready, go on to step 4.
  4. If you have a mobile device, go to Step 5. If you have a computer, go to Step 6.
  5. Using your mobile device, login to your account to view all available eBooks, as follows:
    1. Open the AxisReader app on your device
    2. Depending on the device, locate the “Find a Library” button at the top or bottom of your screen; then tap on the button.
    3. In the “Search by Library Name” box, type “Tinley” and press “Go.”
    4. Tap on the “Tinley Park Public Library” button.
    5. Tap on the “Login” button.
    6. In the box labeled “User Name,” type your library card number
    7. In the box labeled “User Password,” type your SWAN PIN (Note: If you don’t know your SWAN PIN, please contact the reference desk at (708) 532-0160, ext. 1.)
    8. Find an ebook to read:
      1. Search for a particular author or title in the “Search” box, OR
      2. Scan the “Magic Wall” for a desired title. (Note that you can view different collections by tapping the tabs across the top and sides of the Magic Wall.)
    9. Tap on the desired book cover.
    10. If the book is available now, go to the next step. If the book is currently checked out, tap on the “Place on Hold” button and enter your email address for notification when the ebook becomes available.
    11. Tap on Blio to read the book using the Blio app, OR tap on ePub to read the book using the AxisReader app. (Note: Read “Ereaders for Mobile Devices” (see below) to help you decide.)
    12. Tap on the button labeled “Checkout Now” to download the ebook to your device.
    13. Tap on the “My Bookshelf” button to view your eBooks, and begin reading!
  6. If you want to read the ebook on your computer or laptop:
    1. Open the Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer.
    2. Use your web browser to navigate to eRead Illinois
    3. Follow steps 6e through 6L.
    4. The ebook should open in Adobe Digital Editions, and you can begin reading!
  • axisReader
    • Download and install this free app on most mobile devices. It allows you to find, checkout and read eBooks, all within the app. It is a basic ebook reader, and is compatible with EPUB and PDF formats.
  • Blio Reader
    • In addition to the required AxisReader, you may also wish to download the free Blio Reader. It acts only as a reader -- you cannot use it to checkout eBooks. It is an ADA compliant, full color ereader with multimedia capabilities, which preserves the original appearance of the printed book. You can use it to listen to audiobooks, but it will also read aloud normal eBooks if you purchase one or more voices at $9.99 each. Blio Reader is only compatible with Blio format eBooks.
  • If you have a desktop computer or a laptop
  • If you have a basic Nook, a Sony Reader, a Kobo, or other non-backlit ereader
    • From eRead Illinois, click on the App Zone button.
    • Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
    • Login to your account on the website, and then find and checkout an ebook
    • Download the ebook to Adobe Digital Editions
    • Transfer (“sideload”) the ebook to your device with a USB cable
  • If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, or iPad)
  • If you have an Android device (many smartphones, Nook tablets, many other tablets)
  • If you have a Kindle Fire or Fire HD
    • Go to Settings => Device and turn on the option to “Allow installation of applications…”
    • Using the Silk browser, download axisReader.
    • Kindle Fire: In the upper left corner tap on the number next to “My Kindle.” Kindle Fire HD: In the upper left corner tap the Web Content menu item beneath “My Kindle.”
    • Once the download is complete, tap “Install.”
  • If you have a basic Kindle (non-backlit screen)
    • Basic Kindle readers will not work with Axis 360 because none of the available formats (EPUB, PDF, and Blio) are compatible. ☹