eRead Illinois Q&A

TPPL offers access to two collections of downloadable ebooks: Media on Demand and eRead Illinois. Similarities and differences between the two collections are outlined in the table below.

Media on Demand
eRead Illinois

Kindle compatible?
Kindle Fire (and Fire HD) only

Number of ebooks (as of 6/2014)

Number of audiobooks (4/2014)

Number of member libraries (4/2014)

Reader App
Overdrive Media Console
axisReader OR Blio Reader

Library card number + SWAN PIN needed to login?

Download to PCs and most mobile devices?

eBook loan period
Adjustable (max 3 weeks)
2 weeks

Maximum number of checkouts

Ability to place ebooks “on hold”?

Ability to add to a “wish list”?

Text-to-speech capability?
Yes (Blio Reader only; purchase of $10 “voice” required)

Q: I currently download ebooks using Media on Demand. Why should I use eRead Illinois?
A: You will have more variety using both services even though there is some overlap. The two companies that provide ebooks (Overdrive, for Media on Demand; and Baker & Taylor, for eRead Illinois) have different arrangements with various publishers. You might be able to find one of your favorite authors using one service but not with the other.
Q: How can I search for ebooks using eRead Illinois?
A: Both the Media on Demand and eRead Illinois collections are accessible from our website.
Q: Will my mobile device work with eRead Illinois?
A: You can download books from eRead Illinois to most mobile devices; for example: iOS (Apple), Nooks, and Android tablets and smartphones. One notable exception: Kindle Fires are compatible, but not basic Kindle readers.
Q: Why are there two different “reader” apps for eRead Illinois?
A: Use the axisReader app to check out, download, and read ebooks on a mobile device. Use the Blio app only to read ebooks once you have checked them out on the website or with axisReader. Blio can be used on desktop PCs as well as on mobile devices. Blio adds color, columns, and “read aloud” capabilities; and it is ideal for books about cooking, photography, and children’s titles. Both mobile applications are free to download from Apple’s App Store and from the Google Play store for Android apps. However, only the Blio app is available at the Windows Store. NOTE: to use the Blio app, you will need to create a separate account with Blio.