Library eBooks for Kindle eReaders

Ebooks for the Kindle are available through a service called Media on Demand, which is sponsored by a group of suburban libraries. From any computer with Internet access you can visit the Media on Demand website, search for a book, and select a Kindle edition. Check with staff at the library for more information about borrowing Kindle books, or for information about what books are available.

Note: In addition to Media on Demand, you may also borrow eBooks from another service called eRead Illinois. Learn more about eRead Illinois at the Adult Reference desk.

With your Tinley Park Public Library card you can borrow ebooks from the Media on Demand website and have them delivered to your Kindle device (or free Kindle reading app).

  1. Use any computer to visit Media on Demand
  2. Click on the “Account” button and follow the step-by-step directions to login to your account. (Note that when you sign in, the password is your SWAN PIN. Please call us at (708) 532-0160, ext. 1 if you don’t know what it is.)
  3. Using the Advanced Search feature, limit the format to “Kindle Book”
  4. Search for an author, title, or subject; and then click on the desired book cover.
  5. Click on “Borrow” (if the book is available now) or “Place a Hold” (to wait for the next available copy)
  6. Click “Download” and click "Kindle Book"
  7. Click on “Confirm and Download.” You will be directed to Amazon to complete the loan process
  8. Click on the yellow “Get Library Book” button on the right-hand side
  9. Login to the Amazon account used to register your Kindle
  10. Select the device to which your ebook should be delivered, and click “Continue”
  11. The ebook will automatically transfer to your Kindle the next time you connect it to Wi-Fi

Note 1: Public library books require an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery to a Kindle device. (Library books cannot be delivered via your Kindle's 3G connection). If you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection, you may instead choose to load your library book via a cable connected to your computer’s USB port. Both Mac and Windows users can manage Kindle content through a USB connection.

Note 2: Some Kindle models require you to load ebooks using a USB transfer cable. See below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kindle Devices Can I Use To Read Public Library Books?
You can read borrowed Kindle books on any generation Kindle device and on any device having the free Kindle app installed. You may also read them using your web browser (in combination with the Kindle Cloud Reader).

Why Is My Favorite Author (Or A Particular Book) Missing From The Media on Demand Collection?
The availability of eBooks varies. Some books have never been issued in electronic format; and some publishers will not permit the sale of eBooks to public libraries. We’re always happy to take your suggestions though, and if a book is available we may purchase it for the collection.

How Do I Return Kindle Books Early Once I’m Finished Reading?

  1. eBooks will automatically expire (without overdue fines) when the loan period ends, but you may wish to be a “good citizen” by returning your books early. To do so, go to, and from the Kindle menu on the right, select "Manage Your Content and Devices"
  2. Sign into your Amazon account
  3. Select the "Actions" button, designated by an … (ellipsis), next to the book you want to return. (Tip: the words "Digital Library" will appear next to any library eBooks.)
  4. From the menu, select "Return this book"
  5. Select "Yes" to return the book
  6. After you return the book, it will still show in your Kindle Library list. To remove it from the list, select "Actions" again, and select "Delete from library"

What If The Kindle Book Must Be Transferred By USB Cable?

  1. Click on the “Get Library Book” button
  2. Login to your Amazon account. The “Get Library Book” button will reappear with a new dialog box below it (Deliver to: Transfer via Computer)
  3. Click on the “Get Library Book” button again
  4. Select the device to which your ebook should be delivered and click “Continue”
  5. You will be prompted to download or save a file to your computer
  6. Choose a logical place to download the file (for example, your Windows desktop)
  7. Open the folder containing the file, usually your Downloads or Desktop folder
  8. Connect your Kindle by plugging one end of a USB cable into the Kindle, and the other end into a USB port on the computer. (After a moment the computer will recognize the Kindle, and it will appear as a device in the left-hand column of the open folder)
  9. Click on the Kindle icon to open the folders. (Note that one of the folders is named “Documents")
  10. Transfer the file on your computer to the Kindle by dragging and dropping the file into the documents folder of the Kindle
  11. Unplug your Kindle from the cable, and verify that the ebook has transferred